assure and 


business value 

out of your

Industrial Assets

value and benefit

Industrial Assets  and Industrial Projects can be complex, entangled and variable. It's likely to get lost in the woods, finding yourself struggling for an effective business strategy.  ¿How to enable teams to keep consistently focused on what produces value, and how to better realize natural capacities of business and assets?

Business value is the mere consequence of 

knowing where to aim

to generate benefit

Common understanding of performance drivers and restrictions enable effective team work

plant managers

Industrial Asset Management is about skilled people, able to understand perfectly the underlying complexities of the production process, strongly motivated toward the responsible maximization of business value, and enabled to cooperate effectively across the entire asset life-cycle via a technical ecosystem.   

INDUSTRIAL investors

Simplifications, assumptions and, in general, shortcuts seem a great way to speed decision making processes for an investment, but end up charging their toll down the road, once the industrial asset becomes a reality. ¿What about using 21st century resources for increasing our representation, analysis and computation capacity to the level of the decision, instead of the old ways of oversimplifying what we believe is impossible to know?  


are what differentiate decisions from bets

At the end, it was

 the value,

not the thing, 

the reason 

for embracing the project

in the first place

project managers

A project, no matter how complex or expensive, is only a stage of a value generation instrument, the Industrial Asset. How about reshaping our way to think and keep track of industrial projects, by now aiming to a continuous Value Promise Validation and Assurance as the utmost goal to keep enforcing every day?


Industrial projects and associated development come to a price, and part of such price is paid by neighbours, environment and shared infrastructure. Whether such a price is fair or not, is for the government and regulators to assess and assure. When conflicting interests are on the table, a balanced approach for addressing every stakeholder concern in a quantitative and structured manner may be the difference between successful business surrounded by vibrant communities, or economic stagnation and lack of work opportunities

Joint value protection

aiming the benefit of both comunities and business

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