We empower

Industrial Leaders 

to accelerate business growth by

converting asset data 

 into knowledge and actionable insights

Knar, better decisions faster! 


Integrated Decision Support Solutions allow modeling the knowledge about your asset into a computational format, apt to support decision-making processes.

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What we do

We build thinking instruments for

Industrial Leaders to lead the way!

We empower industrial leaders to unlock their organization's full potential by compiling business knowledge, by revealing hidden value opportunities within their data, and through building augmented decision-support technologies to assure a sustained competitive advantage.

Industrial Asset Consulting

With over 150 completed projects and counting, our team of industry experts possesses proven capabilities to unearth impactful insights and tangible value for industrial enterprises.

Technology Integration

Our integrated platforms converge technical, operational and financial data flows into unified streams of predictive intelligence - multiplying visibility while simplifying complexity for industrial enterprises. Leaders gain quantifiable risk context alongside fiscal impact history and probabilities going forward.


Today's plant managers, reliability engineers, and operations leadership require enhanced data literacy and computational competencies to drive decisions and remain competitive. As industrial paradigms shift toward interconnected, analytics-based value creation, existing skillsets must be developed accordingly.

New Decision-Making Capabilities

New Asset Management capabilities established by our projects with client teams allow them to:

  • Forecast production demand (up to weeks ahead) based on a deep computational understanding of market variability drivers.
  • Project equipment reliability, availability and utilization rates.
  • Quantify :
    • Production capacity for all operating modes + scenario combinations.
    • Frequency and duration likely at each operational mode.
    • Value-generation capacity of each operational mode.
  • Pinpoint quantifiable value constraints across systems, technical specialties and specific assets.
  • Model financial soundness of capacity expansion initiatives.
  • Financially justify investments weighing risk-return tradeoffs taking into account market dynamics.
  • Build personnel fluency on decision-making by applying probabilistic and deterministic methods to maximize business value under uncertain scenarios.

New Business Value

Pipeline +
  • 30 MUSD of unnecessary storage investment timely spotted (plus gains in additional crude throughput).
Natural Gas Facility +
  • Clear ability to forecast demands from national energy system with accuracy exceeding 85%, 10 days in advance, and
  • New capacity to apply learned operational modes to optimize speed and effectiveness in reconfiguring plant set-points.

This provides better reaction capacity after the occurrence of operational events. End result is remaining aligned to business objectives while addressing technical challenges and fast operational coordinations.

Crude Production Facility +
  • Detailed analysis on how separation systems may produce significant savings on energy and deferred production when control logic is tuned.
Hydropower Generation +
  • Discovery and sizing of maintainability approaches to provide greater business value than reliability improvement approaches. 
Manufacturing +
  • Discovery and sizing of maintainability approaches to provide greater business value than reliability improvement approaches.

why we do it

We’ve been there

We get how frustrating it can be experimenting to get reliable, safe and profitable performance from complex industrial assets. Been there ourselves!

Now, over 150 projects later, we've figured out methods and technology integrations that work, and want to share the lessons we wish we knew way back when just getting started our performance optimization journey.

How soon could your team benefit from predictable reliability, controlled costs, and steady increases in you ability to take better decision?

Let's connect and shortcut the pain so you start enjoying the gain quick of mature and formal working approaches !

how we do it

Formal Analysis  for discovering performance dependencies.  

Probabilistic Methods

Reality is probabilistic

Long ago we accepted the random nature of the Industrial Asset and Industrial Business Dynamics. Our formal approaches address real-world challenges including their probabilistic and variable nature, not deterministically as we wish they were. 

Model & Simulation Based Approach

models make knowledge computable

Imagine collecting every learned rule on how your asset or business behave. Now imagine converting everyone of those rules into a computational / queryable representations. Finally, stop imaging, that is how we build precise Digital Asset out of your Industrial Asset.

Knowledge Architectures

curated concepts ease the optimization journey

Ontologies, curated languages and clear relations between concepts are half of the battle. Casual conversations around a table are not the way decision-making work anymore. Opposite to that clear curated concepts and relationship and helped by data automation are the very baseline of a responsible industrial asset management capacity.

The Power of Integration

the wheel is already invented

Complexity of technology development, stabilization and assurance tend to be underestimated in their risk and the time and investment required for truly obtaining value. We engineer and tailor technological integrations to minimize time to new value, while lowering investments and risks.

business value

Better Decisions create Value

Your own Industrial Asset knowledge structured into a queryable computational format, ready to be applied in your next decision

Faster Decisions create Value

Modeling and Simulation allows for fast generation of "What-If" and "What to Do" scenarios possible to be computed in hours.

Formal Methods substantiate Value

No Hidden / Maggical solutions, but comprehensive and clear value causality analysis ready substantiate questions and curiosity of demanding stakeholders

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