Digital Assets align decision-making of  Industrial Assets toward business value

Industrial Asset management done right is based on quantitative forecasts

We all have opinions, hunches, feelings "experiences" but, what makes the definitive difference between a bet and a decision, is a forecast

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Digital Assets

what is a Digital Asset and why is so important. 

Digital Assets are computational representations of Industrial Assets aimed to decompose the way the business value is produced. When properly developed, they are apt to explain how and upto which degree, such value generation could be improved or restricted by modifications, or by external and internal influences and events.

Digital Assets are used to support decisions by producing forecasts, based on information about the business environment, plant configuration, operational logic and a detailed description on the way a production process could be degraded or interrupted.   

Digital Assets can be developed in two ways. They can evolve along the development of an industrial project, or can be the product of a modeling effort for already existing facilities. In both cases the development of a Digital Asset involves the generation of iterations guided by the decision-making priorities relevant to the company at a certain moment. 

The approach:

Face computational complexity head-on

Some managers waste endless time, meeting after meeting, trying to figure out the best action for business improvement, just to find themselves, hundred of anecdotes, debates and hours later, in the same uncertainty. 

Structure knowledge into Digital Assets and let the forecasts lead the way

Digital assets, evolutivelly and consistently, allow to structure business knowledge into computational structures able to be queried against the performance figure needed to substantiate decisions. 

Every minute, every hour and every day, Digital Assets gets better in their ability to assess and forecast business alternatives. Why not using them when they are (literally) a phone call away?

Contact Us and let us explain how to succeed gathering new business value by  deploying your very own Digital Assets.  

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