Finding Business Value

Industrial Asset management done right starts by the value, not by the asset

How to be sure that, in our Industrial Plant, everybody knows and is all aligned to the way  the industrial asset produces its maximum business value?

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Finding value

for existing Industrial Asset and Industrial Projects

The physical assets of an industrial plant are easy to see, but assessing quantitatively how every performance variable or each condition inside them, improves or erodes the plant's capacity to produce value,  is not that immediate. 

How to be sure we all are aligned to get the best possible business value, if we don't have instrument to fully understand the implications of every piece of the plant in terms of value generation?

Services under Finding Business Value allow you to develop a re-interpretation of the industrial asset in terms or business value, and help you to build professional instruments to continuously assess and quantify new value opportunities  

The approach: 

Stop the ad-hoc studies and generate a genuine capacity to discover value opportunities.  

By developing and deploying value diagnostic instruments we solidify the organizational competency on continued value assessment. A written specification may or may not be followed, and because of that, we prefer to give you operational instrument tuned to local reality for identifying business value. We train local people interested in finding value every day and then the organizational capacity on finding value becomes your own strength.    

And that is just the beginning...

Those new instrument allow us to be precise and efficient in the task of building a New Value Roadmap, where a  prioritized list of alternatives to get new business value are sized, explained and assessed. 

Contact Us!..and let us start planning you new business value discovery!

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In the search of new business value, out of existing Industrial Assets,

Knar helps you to find it, unlock it, assuret and track it!