Knar offers a unique approach to rethink your asset in terms of value, as that is what assure sustainability of your industrial facility in the long run!

Prysma Kw-vaat

Work Value Assessment and Assurance Tool 

Pryma tool for tracking the value of executing standardized or new workflows

Are we just busy following a plan, or are we consistently generating value? Measuring  compliance of plans is not enough; value figures are required to be tracked, in a regular basis, to make sure we all are cooperating in the generation of business value 

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Application Workflow

Main features

  • Allows the collection of learned lessons in the execution of such workflows deemed to be critical to the value generation of your business by using standardized WBS. Prevent losing of experience and learned lesson even with changing execution teams. 
  • Allows the definition of value assessment criterias, and their regular review to account for business value generated by each person and role in the company. Quite illustrative for controlling the effectiveness of engineering and analytics roles inside the companies, or the productivity of internal and external consultants.
  • Include the regular functionalities of work definition, planning, daily records of execution, control of deadline compliance, rework , and control of delayed activities. 
  • Provide and ample set of reports that can be customized or extended. 
  • Allows for the temporary integration of external executors while controlling the information exposed to them. 
  •  Enable periodical reviews on individual performance on business value generation. 
  •   Serves as a repository of execution records and allows to control scope and schedule compliance between working teams when different teams need to cooperate during the execution of workflows.
  • The ExecutionLog functionalities avoids the need for phone calls of conference to have an immediate visibility on how each activity is evolving toward its completion.  
  • Standardized work definition can be mapped to resources for supporting execution like forms, external applications, databases, procedures, etc.  


  • Options for deploying locally at your premises or consuming the application as a service from the cloud.
  • 100% of functionalities operate equally from a desktop or a data-enabled cell phone or tablet.  
  • Customizations for alignment with your Continuous Improvement Business Process (optional).

On-premises Deployment 

Interested?   Use the left pane to reach us,  and let's talk on how our technology can support your  workflow execution with emphasis on business value measurement, assessment and assurance.  

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