Knar's Industrial Asset Management Ecosystem

KIAME (c): The tool for transforming effectively  decisions into real business value

For every identified business decision, guaranteeing a continued capacity to execute it, right and cost-effectively is vital for actually conquering business value throughout the life cycle of the business asset

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Orchestrating Capacities

continued and consisten capacity of implementing decision

The Knar's Industrial Asset Management Ecosystem KIAME (c) is a framework built based on the lessons learned out of more than 20 years and 140 consulting projects for energy, manufacturing, services and defense in which the goal was to understand why value losses occurred, how to prevent it and how to generate a continued and controlled capacity for the Industrial Asset to deliver better value. 

The KIAME(c) allows Industrial Asset managers to consolidate the value generation capacity of their Industrial Business by differentiating and organizing different levels of thinking and mapping them to different dimensions of execution

High Level structure of Knar's Industrial Asset Management Ecosystem. 

KIAME (c) for achieving better business performance. 

Take the challenge of making a list of all things that must be properly defined, integrated, supported by technology and embedded into the daily behavior of teams managing and supporting industrial assets. Seeing the length of that list makes easy to find out why so many performance improvement initiatives fail. Billions of USD are lost every year because of insufficient capacity to coordinate all those variables to get optimum Industrial Asset performance.

Optimal Business Performance requires more than just short-scope accidental developments, or confusing sups of independent technologies that will never talk to each other because they were never meant to do it. 

 KIAME is an integration of Business processes, associated technologies and people development resources, harmonized specifically to achieve better Industrial Asset Performance. soner,  safer and cheaper. 

KIAME Structure 

Levels and Dimensions aimed to organize and integrate value-base delivery capacity  

Three Dimensions to Decompose Industrial Asset Management Capacity

Define what to do, provide resources to do it, and develop behaviours and skills to do it.

KIAME allows to decompose the complexity of defining a comprehensive Industrial Asset Management Ecosystem into three main specialized thinking dimensions (i.e. different thinking styles required to manage the asset):

Dimension A: Defining What to Do: In this dimension the business process is conceived as a continuous evolving organism that mutates according to a varying business context, and internal Asset dynamics. 

Dimension B: Providing consistency and efficiency to the execution by using technology: Technology, specially information technology is a common way to distract organizations from their duties in the hope of a miracle that should happen once the corporation invest significative resources in the CMMS, EAM, ERP, or XYZ of the moment. Sadly, such miracles never happen. A different story is when a suite of technologies is integrated and aligned to a clear definition of workload (by Dimension A). Then, the miracle is not necessary anymore, and each piece of technology, fuels a more cost-effective way to achieve business value. 

Dimension C: Behaviors, skills and competences. In the center of the equation the human being acts as the Director of the orchestra, but for an harmonious melody to be produced, certain behaviors, skills and competence need to be properly developed. 

Five Levels to Differentiate types of Thinking to guide execution

Provide explicit means to connect every business goal to every nut and bolt

Three previously mentioned Dimensions (A,B and C) are further decomposed according to the way different roles perceive, understand and think about the Industrial Asset. From the business context and the business strategy to the physical level where mass, energy and information is processed, it is necessary to harmonize the way each role faces the challenges of daily activities ensuring alignment to optimum business value.  

No local KPI, or local Goal can assure optimum global business performance. 

KIAME avoids distracting execution capacity will local figures and aimes for a unified way to see and act in favor of optimum business value.


Cost-effective and comprehensive approach to better business value. 

A comprehensive guideline and technology package to produce business value for Industrial Assets

A complete ecosystem aimed to the production of business value. 

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