Prysma Causality

Causality Analysis and Performance Improvement by Non-recurrence of loss events.

Pryma Causality Analysis and Performance Improvement by Non-recurrence of Loss Events

Cloud-based / On-premise tool for managing causality analysis associated to value loss  and value threatening events, integrated with corrective action execution and effectiveness tracking. 

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Analysis and Execution Control Workflow

Main features

  • Integration with your current asset register for easier event mapping and value loss allocation.
  • Straightforward or comprehensive causality mapping. (Hypothesis life cycle based on evidence for comprehensive causality diagrams)
  • Evidence repository with configurable security levels.
  • Allow definition of main Research Team and Auxiliary support professionals or teams.
  • Tracking on execution of different types of actions (research actions, corrective actions, effectiveness assessment actions, etc.)
  • Various native reports plus the possibility for the user to create more.
  • Event taxonomy linked to asset register for recurrence monitoring   
  • Email integration for tracking on actions and for delivery of learned lessons. 


  • Options for deploying locally at your premises or consuming the application as a service from the cloud.
  • 100% of functionalities operate equally from a desktop or a data-enabled cell phone or tablet.  
  • Customizations for alignment with your Continuous Improvement Business Process (optional).

On-premises Deployment 

Interested?   Use the left pane to reach us,  and let's talk on how our technology can support your Causality Analysis or Continuous Improvement Initiatives.

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