Business Value Assurance

Mind the links and keep control of permanent alignment toward business value during daily execution

Local and hired execution originally motivated by sustainable business value may get distracted by temporal urgencies. A framework is required to assure sustained value as the top priority trough daily activities.

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The Challenge

for plant managers and owners

Daily activities at Industrial Assets are intense, and it's easy for the new value initiatives to be delayed, altered or canceled by temporary urgencies. Same temporal urgencies that will disappear with the implementation of the delayed new value initiatives. What to do?

What to do, to effectively conquer value during execution, relates deeply on the one executing, and there we have to main teams.

  • Own personnel, and 
  • Personnel from service companies linked to the Industrial Asset by a contract.

The approach: 

Continuous review of working models and working behaviors so every potential value loss is proactively prevented, or soon  discovered and fixed. 


Value-based Contracting Control Model

An innovative workflow control model to shape and control supply and service contracts around the concept of business value assurance and shared responsibility on improved business value for the parties.

KVB-C2M® Solves traditional "opposing interests" common to regular service contracts. 

...learn more on KVB-C2M®

Use the left pane to reach us,  and let's talk on improvement obtained by our customers when applying this value assurance methods.

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