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Weibull Crow AMSAA Workshop

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What are the benefits for attendees?

A comprehensive introduction on Weibull and Crow AMSAA Analysis, two of the most powerful and versatile analysis techniques for rationalizing randomness of technical systems

"Listening the parts" has been a learned lessons from early times of reliability and performance analysis, but what does that mean? Well,  every technical element while working leaves trails, crumbs, clues, information hidden inside the data we measure. Weibull and Crow AMSAA techniques allow not only to figure out what valuable information is hidden in the data collected during the past performance of a technical system, but also allow us to better decide and the preferred actions to aim in the future. 

The approach: 

A organized presentation on the benefits of Weibull and Crow AMSAA analysis accompanied by examples directly relevant to people in charge of reliability, safety and performance of technical systems.  

This training is offered in spanish and english in association with the original team developing the contents and the tools provided during the workshop. 

English Training Worldwide 

Español ( América Latina y España)

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  • Understanding reliability graphs.
  • Converting field data into reliability models
  • Forecasting events.
  • Measuring likelihood of failure.
  • Optimizing warehouse stock and intervention times.  

Weibull  Crow AMSAA Workshop.

  1. Introduction.
    • General Context
    • Weibull/Lognormal - Crow AMSAA
  2. Weibull Analysis Overview.
    • Purpose.
    • Fields of Application
  3. How to develop and read a Weibull Plot.
    • Weibull Plot.
    • Data processing and fitting methods.
    • Goodness of Fitness.
    • Obtaining information from a Weibull Plot.
    • Confidence Interval.
    • Lognormal and other distributions.
  4. Special conditions to mind while doing Weibull Analysis.
    • Effects of Suspensions
    • Doglegs
    • Curves.
    • Cusps.
    • t zero.
    • Outliers.
    • Dealing with small data samples
  5. Using Weibull Models.
    • Forecasting.
    • Predicting failures.
    • Identifying optimal replacement intervals.
    • Measuring change.
    • Monte Carlo.
  6. Substantiation testing.
    • Context and Purpose.
    • Weibayes: Opportunities, worries and concerns.
    • Weibayes Case Studies.
    • Test Planning.
    • Accelerated Tests.
  7. Reliability Growth Modeling.
    • Weibull vs Crow AMSAA.
    • Crow AMSAA Analyses.
    • Crow AMSAA Applications
  8. Exercises.

Reach us using the left pane, to learn more about this training and how contents can be tuned to the needs of your personnel and industrial plant. 

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