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Life-Cycle Costing

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What are the benefits for attendees?

Understand how to connect daily activities with the cost trail associated to them, which is important because every cost generated by the business  affects its viability. Better visibility and control of costs associated to every activity performed during the life of an asset, in the end, tell us whether we win or lose value, and how much.  

The approach: 

An exploration on the meaning of every activity performed in a technical system, throughout its life cycle in terms of cost, and the comparison of such cost vs the benefit received from the system. 

In the task of ensuring optimal business performance, a mandatory step is to develop awareness and agility for assessing the implications, in terms of cost, of every decision, along the life cycle of a technical system or an industrial asset. 

Thi training provides a contextualización how to identify and map cost and cost elements during the costing process through the lifespan of an asset.  Also methods and tools for easing, not only the determination of cost figures, but its use to support daily decision making, are provided. 

Training on Life Cycle Costing

  1. Introduction and Context.
  2. Cost, Costing and Life-Cycle cost. 
  3. Regular contexts of use.
    • Sizing vs. Comparing.
    • Value-based management of facilities.
    • Contract performance agreement and tracking.
  4. Typical outcomes of a Life-Cycle costing Analysis. 
    • Scalar values,
    • Probabilistic values 
    • Forecasts and Contents of true.
  5. Cost Breakdown Structures.
    • CAPEX
    • OPEX
    • REX
    • FDEX
    • CBD homologation vs Alternative Comparison flexibility
  6.  Workload allocation during a LCC Analysis. 
  7. LCC Data gathering 
  8. LCC Computational Complexity, Computing Structure and Computational Resources
  9.  Unitaries, Cost rates, and cost-rules
  10. Counts and Interaction with Event Modeling
  11.  Application examples. 

Reach us using the left pane, to learn more about this training and how contents can be tuned to the needs of your personnel and industrial plant. 

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