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Industrial Asset Management 

From ISO 55000 to Business Value

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What are the benefits for attendees?

Learning to approach an Industrial Asset from the perspective of business value, enabled or restricted by the alignment or misalignment of decision and actions, throughout its life-cycle.

Asset Management (as a body of knowledge) and the associated set of standards ISO-5500X propose a standard-based management system, very much aligned to that we already saw from the ISO-900X, but now aimed to the value, risk and performance of (Physical) Asset Intensive Business. What is Asset Management? Why should we care when managing industrial plants?,  What are the elements proposed by the ISO-5500X for the creation of an Asset Management System? and, most importantly. Is such proposed approach consistent and realistic enough, for us to take the effort  to implement it?   

The approach: 

Asset Management is not about equipment, pieces and parts. It's about us, people, aligning our thinking and work, for those things to produce and protect business value. 

Training starts challenging a common fact. Industrial organizations have hundreds or event thousands of equipments for processing mass and energy, but lack of the most basic elements for enabling precise, timely and correct decision-making processes apt to manage demands imposed by market and general business dynamics.

The training explains how to develop and use such infrastructure to generate business value. 

Industrial asset management. From ISO 55000 to Business Value

  1. Assets, Value and Industrial Assets.
  2. Do we know what value is?
  3. Why an Asset is an Asset.
  4. Impact Dimensions: Risk, Profit, Performance and some other. 
  5. Enabling value throughout the life cycle of an asset.
  6. How business value is lost. 
  7. Evidence on value losses and cycles of assessment. 
  8.  Ad-hoc actions vs management systems.
  9. Standard-based management systems.
  10. PAS-55 and ISO 55000.
  11. ISO 55000 in the context of ISO 9000: Elements of a Management System by ISO
  12. Aligning thinking: Asset Management Concepts and Philosophy
  13. Deliverables of an Asset Management System
  14. Elements proposed by ISO 55000 to develop and sustain an Asset Management System.
  15. Integration with business strategy and different flavours of asset management planning.
  16. Risk Management Integration.
  17. Aligning Execution: Business Process, Process Modeling and Working on Processes
  18. Executors and enabling resources
  19. Life-Cycle costing, value and asset management performance assessment. 
  20. Methods proposed to measure current performance and Maturity on Asset Management. 
  21. Integration and other challenges when deploying an Asset Management System.
  22. Writing documents vs enabling corporate competencies.
  23. Continuous improvement
  24. Restrictions when deploying Asset Management Systems.
  25. A recommended roadmap for Asset Management Conceptualization, Development and Deployment

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