Tracking Business Value

Remaining alert on value flow changes

Business value, produced across multiple dynamic interactions around Industrial Asset, must be monitored. 

Industrial asset internal dynamics (aging and associated failures mechanisms) and external dynamics (business, market demand or prices, new competing solutions) influence what is worth to do. A vigilant eye is required.

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The interesting net of value influences around the asset

No business is able to produce value midning only the internal world. End business value requires transactions between the Industrial Asset and the external world, within a variable context, that once changed, may or may not play in favor of sustainable value. 

In the goal of assuring business value, no magical decision lasts forever. Decision-making is fueled by the dynamic of business context, so a responsible management of the asset monitors such value-flows variability, closely and constantly  

Knar's Business Value Tracking services use an innovative, agile and comprehensive method to analyze business value and connect it to the reality of your asset for soon proactive decisions in defense of business value.  

The approach: 

A7 ®: 7 tracking dimensions for obtaining full business value awareness around the Industrial Asset 

Business Value is Dynamic because business interactions are dynamic

  • Adjacent population may become new clients (value opportunity).
  • Key equipment, when  aged, could become an obstacle to produce value (allies becoming adversaries) 
  • Quality issues could covert your customers in potential affecteds or even claimants against the  Business in a legal process. Or, unmanaged effluents can return to you in the shape of claims from affected parties (value risk). 
  • Key providers may use privileged position to increase costs and put in risk your profit (allies becoming adversaries). 

Contact Us!... and and learn how to navigate agilely with your Industrial Asset across this 7 tempestuous seas.

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