Delegated Performance Tracking and Improvement

True and clear information about business value, and where it is obtained or lost

Traditional KPIs schemes can be the perfect way to destroy the cooperation inside your company. Let us help in aligning all intentions and plans with a clear measurement of business value 

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Are KPIs  "automatically" useful or beneficial ?

The perfect business strategy for an Industrial Business can be completely wiped out by measurement schemes forcing local managers to save their own numbers, no matter what happens to the end value produced by the organization. Knar's Services on Performance Tracking and Improvement redefines how to measure value generation, gives you objectivity, and allows you to gain actual cooperation inside your Industrial Asset. 

It is so pervasive that idea of decomposing big goals into small KPIs that people usually forgets how such "splitting", ends separating business units and departments against each other.  Having every manager arguing on how to keep his or her own goal safe, is the very last thing you need when searching optimum business value out of your Industrial Asset

Every organization is greater than the sum of its parts. Emergent behaviors and capabilities are a very real thing, and traditional KPI decomposition schemes bluntly ignore them and oversimplify the complexity of interconnections and dependencies all around the industrial asset. Showing a nice KPI tree, doesn't mean your industrial asset work of can be managed that way.

The approach:

Measure value and make visible and explicit the value generation dependencies so you know where to act when needed. 

For managing effectively a Performance Improvement initiative, Knar packages in its services:

· Strong instruments for discovering value generation dependencies all around the Industrial Asset.

· Technology and experience to reveal causality on defects and undesired events.

· Computational capabilities to assess various alternatives and advise the one with best value potential.

· Automation capabilities that relieve painful data processing and free minds to focus on improvement.

We orchestrate technology and professionals expertise for a fast delivery of new value out of your industrial asset. 

Use the left pane to reach us. We can help you to improve the business performance of your industrial asset.

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In the search of new business value, out of existing Industrial Assets,

Knar helps you to find it, unlock it, assuret and track it!