DECA®: Decarbonization Ecosystem Assessment Tool

Knar developments like DECA® helps to fuel the thriving ecosystem of clean energy.

The promise of a decarbonized energy requires rethinking energy markets from the scratch 

Only by strong cooperation, innovation and ingenuity, the global decarbonization goals will be achieved

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DECA®: New lens to see clearly what truly makes sense in a new world energy economy.

New meanings for "Clean" and "Cost"

The new Energy World won't be only "decarbonized". It also needs to be "De- trivialized". So many concepts, not even considered or questioned under the traditional Oil & Gas Industry, need to be completely discovered, defined, or reshaped for fulfilling the promise of a decarbonized energy economy. 

"Carbon-free", "Clean", or "Decarbonized" are just catchy and convenient ways used to allude what is really needed. A profound understanding of energy, mass, and natural ecosystems  interactions, in the context of human search for a better life, that happens to require lots of energy!

DECA®: Decarbonization Ecosystem Assessment Tool

For guiding this journey, Knar has developed. DECA®. A flow-interaction based computing tool, aimed to decompose every step along every new technological alternative for the decarbonized or clean economy. DECA  allows to build a comprehensive mapping on all energy transformations (with its associated efficiency), the related mass and energy flows,  which of course includes de consumption of natural resources, the accounting for all effluents sent to the natural ecosystems (to be remediated as per the capacity of those ecosystems), and a comprehensive analysis on financial resources involved. 

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